EMFMetrics: A Framework for Computing Metrics of EMF-based Models

If you are interested in this topic, please contact Philip Langer and Manuel Wimmer.

Software metrics are measures of certain properties that are helpful for classifying the a software artifacts under consideration. For instance, the cohesion and coupling may give an idea on the quality of a software’s architecture.

First steps towards adopting this idea to the domain of model-based development have been taken already (e.g., by McQuillan and Power). The goal of this thesis is to develop a generic and extensible framework based on EMF for computing and reporting language-independent metrics (e.g., number of model elements, containment depths, etc), as well as language-specific metrics for Ecore metamodels (e.g., inheritance depths, etc), of EMF-based models. The framework shall be extensible in terms of offering dedicated extension points to plug-in new metrics for specific modeling languages.