Various topics in the context of model transformations

If you are interested in this topic, please contact Manuel Wimmer.

Model transformations play an important role in software engineering, representing the key mechanisms for model translations (e.g., translating an ER model into a UML class model), model alignments (e.g., mapping a content model to its GUI view), and code generation (e.g., translating a UML class model to Java code) to mention just a few.

The aim of TROPIC (Transformations on Petri Nets in Color) is to establish a framework for developing model transformations in a systematic manner. First, TROPIC allows to specify model transformations on different abstraction levels, providing both a declarative language which hides implementation details, and derived from that, an executable transformation language using Coloured Petri Nets. Second, TROPIC facilitates reusability by providing a library of generic transformations which can be reused in various scenarios.

Tropic Architecture

In the realm of the TROPIC project, we are looking for students interested in:

  • developing Eclipse-based graphical editors
  • developing an interactive debugger for transformations
  • realizing model transformation case studies
  • building a library of generic transformations.

For further information visit the TROPIC project page.