Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

Philip Langer

Former Faculty Staff

email: langer@big.tuwien.ac.at

location: HD0209


Philip Langer is postdoctoral researcher in the Business Informatics Group at the Vienna University of Technology. Before that, he was researcher at the Department of Telecooperation at the Johannes Kepler University Linz and received a PhD degree in computer science from the Vienna University of Technology in 2011 for his thesis on model versioning and model transformation by demonstration. His current research is focused on model evolution, model transformations, and model execution in the context of model-driven engineering.


  • model engineering
  • model transformations
  • model execution
  • model evolution
  • language engineering
  • programming languages

Open Source Projects

  • EMF Profiles
    An adaptation of the UML profile concept to DSMLs specified in EMF.
  • Moliz
    Model execution based on fUML.
  • EMF Modeling Operations
    EMF-based tool for specifying and executing composite modeling operations such as refactorings for every Ecore based modeling language.
  • AMOR Conflict Detection
    Conflict detection functionality of AMOR for atomic operation conflicts and composite operation conflicts (refactorings) among concurrent operations to EMF-based models.
  • Ecore Mutator
    EMF-based framework to randomly mutate models conforming to a metamodel specified by an Ecore metamodel.
  • Model Versioning Benchmark
    An automated benchmark to test the precision and recall as well as the performance of conflict detection implementations in the context of model versioning.