Offered Topics @ BIG

The table below lists all currently offered topics for student research projects. These topics can be elaborated in the form of a practical, seminar, bachelor thesis, and master thesis; the scope and size of the project will be adapted accordingly. If you are interested in one of these topics, please contact the respective advisor and ask for additional information. Note that practicals, seminars, and bachelor/master theses may be started at any time.

Analysis of UML Models Manuel Wimmer
Applying Search-based Algorithms to Model Engineering Problems Manuel Wimmer
DSL Essentials: A Comparison of Groovy, Scala, and Ruby Manuel Wimmer
EMFMetrics: A Framework for Computing Metrics of EMF-based Models Manuel Wimmer
Endogenous UML Transformations Manuel Wimmer
Industry 4.0 – Machine Learning from Big Data at Infineon Manuel Wimmer
Integration von Payment-Systemen in Web of Needs Christian Huemer
Model-Based Runtime Monitoring Dorian Leroy Manuel Wimmer
Modeling Framework for Smart Production Environments Bernhard Wally Christian Huemer
Reputationssystem für Web of Needs Christian Huemer
Scalable Model Transformations Manuel Wimmer
UML 2 Java Code Generator Manuel Wimmer
Various topics in the context of B2B electronic commerce Christian Huemer
Various topics in the context of model transformations Manuel Wimmer
Various topics in the context of model versioning Martina Seidl Manuel Wimmer
Various topics in the field of model execution Manuel Wimmer
Web IDEs & Language Server Protocol (LSP) – in collaboration with EclipseSource Philip Langer