PhD Theses @ BIG

Title Author(s)
Model integration by virtualization Robert Bill
Testing of UML Activity Diagrams Stefan Mijatov
Model-Driven Language Modernization Patrick Neubauer
Leveraging Semantic Web Technologies in Configuration Management Simon Steyskal
A Runtime Model for SysML Sabine Wolny
Formal Specification of Distributed Systems - A Discrete Space-Time Logic Robert Barta
An Architecture Style for Cloud Application Modeling Alexander Bergmayr
Maintaining Consistency of Data on the Web Martin Bernauer
Conceptual Design of Secure Workflow Systems: An Object-Oriented Approach to the Uniform Modeling of Workflows, Organizations, and Security Peter Bichler
Conflict Resolution in Model Versioning Petra Brosch
Search-Based Model Transformations Martin Fleck
Formal Verification Techniques in Model Evolution Sebastian Gabmeyer
Formal Verification Techniques in Model Evolution Sebastian Gabmeyer
Adaptivity in Learning Management Systems focussing on Learning Styles Sabine Graf
A Univied Peer-to-Peer Database Framework for XQueries over Dynamic Distributed Content and its Application for Scalable Service Discovery Wolfgang Hoschek
Metadata-Based Middleware for Integrating Information Systems Elisabeth Kapsammer
Smart Matching – An Approach for the Automatic Generation of Executable Schema Mappings Horst Kargl
Oberon-D - On Adding Database Funktionality to an Object-Oriented Development Environment Markus Knasmüller
Business Process Modelling - Languages, Goals, and Variabilities Birgit Korherr
Model Driven Development of Inter-organizational Workflows Gerhard Kramler
Monitoring von verteilten Systemen Werner Kurschl
Conceptual Design of Active Object-Oriented Databases Peter Lang
Adaptable Model Versioning based on Model Transformation By Demonstration Philip Langer
Business Documents for Inter-Organisational Business Processes Philipp Liegl
Defining Executable Modeling Languages with fUML Tanja Mayerhofer
REA-DSL: Business Model Driven Data Engineering Dieter Mayrhofer
Self-Organization of Software Libraries: An Artificial Neural Network Approach Dieter Merkl
Ant Algorithms for Self-Organization in Social Networks Elke Michlmayr
High Performance Computing in Finance - On the Parallel Implementation of Pricing and Optimization Models Hans Moritsch
The Model Morphing Approach - Horizontal Transformation of Business Process Models Marion Murzek
Context Aware Core Components Modeling Danijel Novakovic
Active Object-Oriented Databases: From Conceptual Design to Logical Design Werner Obermair
Handling Variants of Business Document Models Christian Pichler
Definition of Behavior in Object-Oriented Databases by View Integration Günter Preuner
A Four Level Architecture for Hypermedia Database Management Systems Thomas Prückler
Approximate Constraint Logic Programming Stefan Ratschan
TriGSflow - Workflow Management Based on Active Object-Oriented Database Systems and Extended Transaction Mechanisms Stefan Rausch-Schott
De Modo Operandi: Towards the Interoperability of Workflow Information Siegfried Reich
A Tour on TriGS - Development of an Active System and Application of Rule Patterns for Active Database Design Werner Retschitzegger
BOOM: An Approach for an Object-Oriented Fourth Generation System Hubert Rumerstorfer
aspectUWA - Applying Aspect-Orientation to the Model-Driven Development of Ubiquitous Web Applications Andrea Schauerhuber
Testing and Debugging of Model Transformations Johannes Schoenboeck
Modelling Ubiquitous Web Applications - Requirements and Concepts Wieland Schwinger
Model Driven Product Line Engineering: Core Asset and Process Implications Maider Azanza Sesé
Conceptual Models and Model-Based Business Metadata to Bridge the Gap between Data Warehouses and Organizations Veronika Stefanov
Towards a Sustainable DWH Approach for Evidence-Based Healthcare Nevena Stolba
Model Transformation by Example Michael Strommer
Conflict-tolerant Model Versioning Konrad Wieland
From Mining to Mapping and Roundtrip Transformations – A Systematic Approach to Model-based Tool Integration Manuel Wimmer